Acer Aspire V3 771g Review

Now seriously, Acer aims the V3 at buyers focused on functionality and hesitantly tries to even bring its mobile items closer to gaming enthusiasts. Till now, Acer didn’t have any full-blown gaming machines in its variety. The V3 variety Akku Fujitsu LifeBook T904 will likely be a member of Acer’s premium overall performance range.

Acer has constructed a few 15 inch models in the Ethos variety (Aspire 5951G) and 1 18 inch behemoth (Aspire 8951G) previously. Having said that the V3-771G featuring a 17.three inch screen is a new entry with no predecessor. It could, at finest, be compared Netzteil Microsoft Surface Pro four Docking Station with all the multimedia notebook Aspire 7750G, equipped with AMD’s potent 6850G graphics.

What does the Aspire V3-771G have inside? Properly, as the “G” inside the model quantity already hints at- a great portion of graphics energy. To be precise, the Nvidia’s GeForce GT 650M GPU supplies the graphic processing energy for the notebook. It is a chip based on Nvidia’s brand new Kepler architecture (28 nm), that is positioned within the upper pa3817u 1brs midrange. Its overall performance could be compared with the older GTX 460M or the GTX 560M. They had been members of the gaming upper range just a year ago.

The GPU is backed by a processor from the most up-to-date Intel Ivy Bridge generation. The i7-3610QM chip is virtually the entry into Intel’s lineup of mobile quad-core CPUs. Since the 17 inch case has adequate space inside, Acer has provided two 2.5 inch drive slots which lenovo e330 akku are occupied by a 120 GB SSD because the boot drive along with a 1 TB data HDD for data storage in our test configuration.


The 17.3-inch anti-glare Acer ComfyView show stems from AUO and features a native resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (Full HD). The IPS panel convinces with wide viewing angles, rather high contrast in addition to a extremely vibrant LED backlight. In contrast, the 1600×900 pixels resolution of the V3-771G-53234G50Maii predecessor is particularly disappointing, as its Blu-ray drive can deliver 1080p content. Similar competitors, e.g. Dell’s Inspiron 17R-SE-7720, MSI’s GE70-i789W7H or Samsung’s series 7 Chronos 700Z7C asus f751m akku also feature Complete HD displays.The average brightness of 325.1 cd/m2 as well as the distribution of brightness of 84% are decent. We appreciate the low black value of 0.34 cd/m2. So, black seems deep black and not gray in movies, photos, and games.

The low black value brings about an incredibly excellent contrast of 953:1 and so colorful images. The competitors can’t really retain up here, although their black 102W Microsoft Surface book 2 Charger values are on a equivalent level: Dell Inspiron 17R-SE-7720 (black value: 0.35 cd/m2, contrast: 726:1), MSI GE70-i789W7H (black worth: 0.39 cd/m2, contrast: 679:1) and Samsung Series 7 Chronos 700Z7C (black value: 0.three cd/m2, contrast: 870:1).


Acer has gone in to get a plain glossy finish towards the laptop. The Piano paint finish is really a throwback to the past which shows scratches and fingerprints extremely easily. This can be a important drawback of your V3. The display lid, screen bezel and also the wrist rest gleam in the user-at least, for any when just after taking it out of its packaging. It only takes a Sony ACDP-100D01 APDP-100A1 A Charger handful of hours of use till fingerprints and dust particles begin to collect. The surface features a sticky really feel to it. Within the last couple of months it almost seemed that this type of surface paint job was finally going out of fashion. Acer has not carried out sufficient to disguise the inexpensive plastic that is used to build the chassis ahead of placing it on sale.

At least the laptop looks nice out of the box. The silver keyboard bezel perks up the otherwise entirely black device. If it weren’t for the lid’s and wrist rest’s glossy surfaces, the term “conservative design” could apply for the device.

The plastic case’s stability remains beyond reproach. No creaking noises or wobbly components are noticed when handling the device. The big 17 LG 34UM88C-P Charger inch screen could possibly be a bit a lot more rigid. On the other hand that may be ignored in view of your restricted portability from the type element.

A appear at the street costs explains the decision on the case. The Aspire V3 begins at an remarkable EUR 595(~USD750). Even so, this version is HP EliteBook 840 G3 Serie 65W Charger still equipped using a Sandy Bridge CPU and GT 640M graphics. Nevertheless, there is not substantially room for a higher top quality case in view of this competitive pricing.


A chiclet-style keyboard is virtually always used when appears matter. The present Acer Aspire V3 is no exception. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that it is not doable to sort on such a fairly keyboard. We obtain a important size of 15 x 15 millimeters with a essential gap of roughly 4. The function and arrow keys are smaller sized. The user can take delight in a dedicated quantity pad. The familiar functions including volume control are managed with FN essential combinations.

Users will not have a great deal to complain about the keyboard layout. Deviations are only observed around the and keys, that are placed directly beside their Microsoft Surface 3 Charger neighboring essential (it truly is the two-rowed enter crucial within the latter case). Nonetheless, that should not bring about troubles when typing soon after a little of practice.

What does the typing feel like? Fundamentally, all keys feature a clear stress point having a medium crucial drop. The noise level is quiet to audible based on the stroke. So in case you belong towards the group of energetic typists, you can “enjoy” the clatter based on the zone on the key you hit.


The installed multi-touchpad is slightly lowered inside the case and can conveniently be positioned without having searching. Its surface is produced of the exact same plastic material as the surroundings. Having said that, it is actually slightly roughened which tremendously contributes towards the gliding qualities.

We had a handful of minor complications particularly within the initial few minutes even though looking to familiarize ourselves with the touchpad. Tap-to-click was usually not accepted and our fingers often strayed into the scroll field at the right edge. Alps’ substantial chargeur lenovo ideapad 100 configuration menu nonetheless permits many settings for customizing the touchpad to suit individual wants. Following disabling the vertical scroll bar, two-finger based scrolling worked substantially far better.


You get lots of preinstalled software when you purchase the notebook exactly where the majority of it truly is really unwanted. This computer software is known as bloat. In a lot of circumstances, the bloatware impacts the performance of your laptops. Some producers please the purchaser with an chargeur msi gl72 agreeably clean technique, although others go overboard, installing too a great deal junk. Acer belongs to the latter category even when it will not trigger the Aspire V3-771G any functionality challenges. The strong state drive guarantees that the program feels snappy and responsive from the initially boot. The desktop comes up in just 10-15 seconds following powering on the laptop.

However, you should think about that the system’s SSD only includes a capacity of 120 GB. The user is restricted to around 100GB immediately after format and about 70GB after the installation of the OS and necessary method software. Thus it is actually advisable to work with the SSD mainly for frequently utilised software program. Other data, like music, videos and games, need to be stored on the 1000 GB mechanical really hard disk.

Data Storage

A 1TB SATA really hard drive is having to become the minimum storage capacity lately and some already offering 1.5TB. Multimedia files and Gaming apps will absolutely benefit from this significant storage capacity, unless you favor to play games online. A speed of 5400 rpm will not be state-of-the-art but this is certainly one of the points can increase on chargeur msi ge70 at point of sale, with a hard drive running at 7200 rpm. And since it has a second drive bay, a solid state drive (SSD) which significant gamers will not wish to miss in any gaming platform is often an solution to further enhance the overall performance of your games.

p>Prices of really hard disks capacity have decline and so too are SSDs on a per megabyte basis. But SSDs are nonetheless highly-priced, as well as a 120GB SSD can set you back by around USD150. That is currently about twice the value of yet another 1TB laptop really hard disk. The biggest SSD capacity to date is 520 GB. But there is no doubt about SSD’s capability to significantlychargeur macbook air 13 lower data search and seek times if you possess the game loaded in the SSD. On a really hard disk, you notice this when your game goes to an totally new screen or higher level as well as the really hard disk whirls to load the texture data to paint a brand new screen. No such lags when utilizing SSDs.

It is fascinating to note that the first Acer V3-771G had a 120GB SSD as common specification but has given that grow to be an optional item within the current model.


While the model is currently far more than a year old, the Acer Aspire V3-771G-9808 ups the computing energy using the use of Intel’s 3rd generation i7-3630QM clocked at two.4GHz having a 6 MB cache and supported by an 8GB DDR3 program RAM. macbook pro a1502 charger The base clock speed might be low but because of its effective Turbo mode, the cores may be overclocked to three.four GHz. Due to the reasonably higher thermal design power (TDP of 45 W / 55 W), this specific CPU is normally made use of only in significant laptops.

Table 1 below offers the relative overall performance ranking of quad core CPUs as well as the relative position in the i7-3630QM, a slight improvement over the original i7-3610QM made use of within the initial release batches with the Aspire V3.

Gaming Performance

Table 5 shows the gaming functionality on the Acer Aspire V3-771G-9808 depending on the 3DMark 11 bench score. The leading performing gaming laptop Alienware from Dell cost additional than thrice that on the Aspire V3 specimen tested here. With the exception from the Aspire TimelineU M3 that is priced at USD1310, each of the others sharing regarding the very same benchmarks have reduce MSRPs for the reason that they are 15-inch laptops, except for the 18-inch Alienware.Measuring the ability to display seamless graphics is frequently made use of because the benchmark to say that laptop could be serious or casual gaming Pc. Frame rates generally establish dell latitude e6420 charger what it indicates to have a rewarding gaming practical experience, and laptops that can play at the very least 30 frames per second qualifies as one that could seamlessly plat the title at the given game setting and screen resolution. . The frame prices shown on Table five employed a screen resolution a single step reduced than the default HD resolution to verify its capability to play at ultra higher game settings that some demanding games have. But nearly all games released over the last 3 years may have no trouble playing at medium to higher game settings at the default HD resolution.

Graphics Card

The Acer Aspire V3 comes with Nvidia’s GeForce GT 650M, which features two GB DDR3 memory. Thanks to Nvidia Optimus, the Intel HD Graphics 4000 integrated in the CPU is usually used alternatively. The laptop automatically switches the graphics card without user intervention and an icon in the activity bar shows the active GPU.

The very same as for the Aspire V3-771G-7361161.12TBDCakk can also be correct for our test model: Acer promise “highest overall performance and quality” and this isn’t adp 230eb t an exaggeration. Using a very excellent score of 2,410 points in 3DMark 11, the Aspire V3-771G-736B161TMaii’s overall performance also suffices for present games, despite the fact that the laptop swiftly reaches its limits with highest specifics.

Battery life

Compared to the Acer Aspire V3-771G-736B161TMaii predecessor, the battery is all round slightly shorter. This could be attributable to the substantially brighter display with higher resolution, as battery capacity, energy consumption as well as other core elements like CPU and GPU do not, or only insignificantly, differ.

In the ideal case (minimum display brightness, disabled Wi-Fi modules, energy saving profile), the 48 Wh battery delivers a maximum runtime of 3 hours 33 minutes. This is in line using the manufacturer’s facts, which quotes three.five hours. In our WLAN test with lowered brightness of 150 cd/m2 and a looping script loading web pages, the laptop achieves a battery life of 2 hours two minutes. Below higher load (Battery Eater Classic test) the battery is already empty soon after 52 minutes.


For the critical and casual gamer who desires a sizable screen to play games whilst on the go without breaking his bank, the Acer Aspire V3-771G-9808 fulfills the expectation competently though adding superb multimedia prowess on the side. In case you do not thoughts throttling down a resolution a bit to get a handful of from the demanding games not too long ago released, and may play below a shady tree or perhaps a friend’s house so as to not endure the glossy screen’s lenovo yoga 710 charger reflections, this Acer Aspire V3 does the job properly. And should you can add some extra dollars for an SSD, double the program RAM, there isn’t any reason why you can’t have your desktop around the road with this child.

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