Acer Swift 7 review

The Acer Swift 7 could be the thinnest and lightest laptop I’ve ever reviewed. At 1.96 lbs (890 grams) and 0.39 inches (9.95mm), it beats out Apple’s not too long ago departed 12-inch MacBook for portability. It really is even a full third of a pound lighter than an iPad Pro with cargador msi gl62 6qf Apple’s Clever Keyboard attached.The Swift 7 also one-ups the MacBook with a 14-inch touchscreen display. This is not a tiny laptop for occasional use – it’s developed to be a main personal computer for an individual searching for the ultimate thin-and-light laptop.

Acer’s Swift 7 (July 2019) 14-inch laptop nonetheless represents the pinnacle of your thin-and-light Computer movement. Amazingly, this dell ata45nm180 breathtakingly slim notebook Computer is drastically lighter than its predecessor, though solving several in the usability difficulties which detracted from Acer’s preceding Swift 7.

That laptop was frankly unpleasant to perform on, with an average keyboard, a touchpad with no click capabilities, and an absence of Thunderbolt ports-though the latter is admittedly nonetheless extra of a spec we anticipate instead of one lots of peripherals make the most of. Our updated Swift 7 (July 2019) assessment reflects how Acer solved those challenges, although other folks remain: a poor webcam, mediocre overall performance, and pa5279e 1aca 45w a somewhat worrying amount of heat. That will not altogether dull the sheer gasp of amazement that occurs any time you very first lift this sliver of a laptop out of its box.


Announced at CES this year, Acer’s Swift 7 is a beauty. It really is created out of a combination of magnesium-lithium and magnesium-aluminum alloys, which can be why it really is so incredibly light, coming in at just 1.96 pounds. It is also just 9.95mm thin, producing it thinner than a great deal of smartphones around. It is just wild.Get in touch with it a weapon of slim destruction. Acer is clearly winning the fight for the thinnest notebook. Weighing 2.six pounds and measuring 12.9 x 9.3 x 0.35 inches, the Swift 7 tends to make the cargador lenovo g50 70 HP Spectre 13 (2.four pounds, 12 x eight.8 x 0.four inches), LG Gram (2.two pounds, 12.7 x 8.3 x 0.6 inches) and Huawei MateBook x Pro (2.9 pounds, 12 x 8.5 x 0.six inches) appear thick about the middle. Nonetheless, in regards to weight, the Swift 7 is usually a middleweight in comparison to its competitors.

What makes this fantastic is the fact that it really is just quick to carry about. After you throw it in a bag, it feels like there is absolutely nothing in there. Even though I cannot speak for each and every laptop on the planet, this is surely the hstnn lb5s battery thinnest and lightest 14-inch laptop that I’ve ever seen, and I see lots. It comes within a smaller footprint at the same time, one thing that I will speak much more about within the display section. In truth, I believed this was a 13-inch laptop initially glance, because it is just so little.


The Swift 7’s svelteness does not stop at the chassis. The 14-inch IPS panel is only 0.eight inches thick, and it’s topped with a 0.02-inch-thick pane of Corning Gorilla Glass. Acer has decreased the size in the bateria hstnn lb6s 48wh top (0.38 inches) and side (0.36 inches) bezels, even though they are not as thin because the Dell xPS 13’s barely-there InfinityEdge bezels (0.2 inches). Nonetheless, I’m a fan from the vanishing-bezel trend.

You can count the Acer’s ports on three fingers: an audio jack around the left side, and two Thunderbolt 3 ports around the appropriate. The latter also double as USB three.1 Gen 2 Type-C ports, DisplayPort video outputs, plus the AC-adapter connections. The SIM slot for mobile broadband identified in final year’s Swift 7 has gone away, and hstnn lb6s battery hp there’s no SD or microSD card slot.At 9.95mm thin, this year’s Swift 7 is really a little thicker than last year’s. One of the reasons for that may be that the 14-inch 1080p display now supports touch. Naturally, it is not a thing that you’d use heavily on a clamshell laptop, but it is nice to have, and it was a heavily requested function in the earlier generation model.


As modern as the Swift 7’s design is, its 7th Gen 1.3-GHz Intel Core i7-7Y75 processor can be a small behind the occasions. Intel’s Y-series chips are particularly built to accommodate fanless designs, however they tend to lack the bateria hp 807957 001 power of frequent U-series chips. It is a choice that puts this ultraportable at a disadvantage in comparison with its peers. Nevertheless, I had no issues when streaming an episode from the second season of Luke Cage having a Twitch stream playing in among the 17 other Google Chrome tabs I had open when running Windows Defender.

Once once more, Acer went with Intel’s Y-series chips for this year’s model. The 2019 Swift 7 involves a Core i7-8500Y, a 5W dual-core chip with 4 threads from the Amber Lake family. However, this means a significant performance hit from the usual 15W quad-core U-series chips that exa1203yh we see in ultrabooks.Acer says the Swift 7’s battery is only 2.6mm thick, that is around 37-percent thinner than what you’d obtain within the average ultrabook. The laptop can fully recharge from 0- to 100-percent in 3 hours, which isn’t pretty around the identical level as other fast charging laptops, but nonetheless decent.

But this is what Y-series is created for. Formerly referred to as Core m7, these CPUs are created for fanless, thin and light laptops just like this one. Performance is much better than final year even though, as the EXA1208CH seventh-generation ‘Kaby Lake’ chips have been 4.5W.It’s worth noting that subsequent year’s model need to get a solid overall performance increase. Intel recently announced its 10nm ‘Ice Lake’ processors, plus the Y-series Core i7 may have 4 cores in addition to a 9W TDP.

Even together with the 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD that the Swift 7 provides, you will notice some lag with most tasks. If you’re searching for the adl135nlc3a thinnest along with the lightest, then that compromise is probably worth it. After all, for common productivity tasks like using Microsoft Office or operating via the browser, it will likely be fine most of the time along with the functionality difficulties are negligible. Never even endeavor to run Adobe CC apps on here.And with 16GB RAM, multitasking is pretty good. Performance will not get worse when you have a bunch of tabs operating within the browser, or in case you have other apps open. 16GB is a lot for what you’ll have the ability to do with this asus exa0904yh machine.As for battery life, it’s decent. For those who turn the battery meter to ‘Best performance’ on Windows 10 and brightness jacked all of the way up, you’ll get about four hours with basic usage, and by basic usage, I mean working in Chrome with some other apps open like OneNote and Skype. Should you turn down the battery meter and dim the screen a bit, you are going to certainly get a lot more battery life out of it.

One factor that’s specifically annoying is the fact that Acer incorporates plenty of bloatware on its PCs. Apart from Norton antivirus software program (all consumer laptops include antivirus, for some explanation), additionally, it comes with a41 x550e items like Firefox and Evernote, competing apps to stuff that’s pre-installed on Windows ten. There are actually also a handful of app shops, like Acer Collection S, which just redirects you for the Microsoft Shop anyway. I just uninstall all of this stuff on day a single.


The Acer Swift 7 includes a 14-inch Complete HD screen. It looks more unusual than this spec sounds for the reason that the border at the bottom on the screen is so smaller.That is an impressive technical advancement – even though phones’ screen coverage have currently reached far further. It truly is not an unalloyed sensible improvement, though. Much less blank bulk beneath the screen pushes the display additional down. Use the hp 740715 001 Acer Swift 7 on your knees and you need to bend your head down slightly a lot more than usual. Your shoulders won’t thank you.

In other respects, the Swift 7 screen is excellent. The show construction is very well-suited to bright conditions. We took the laptop out to a park on an incredibly sunny day and discovered documents and hp av08 internet sites are nevertheless completely visible at minimum brightness, which can be pretty remarkable. Whites appear green till you whack up the backlight, but this really is among the most effective style laptops you’ll be able to buy for outdoors use, on the planet, anywhere. Colour saturation is great also.


Considering that the Swift 7 is so thin, I was expecting a rather uncomfortable typing practical experience, but I was pleasantly surprised. Despite the keys’ 1 millimeter of key travel (1.5 to two mm is definitely the minimum), their 71 grams of essential actuation force (we take into account 60 grams the minimum) helped to create a bouncy typing knowledge around the a31n1601 island-style keyboard. I hit my usual 70 words per minute around the typing test. The white backlighting made typing in the dark pretty quick, considering the fact that it sufficiently illuminated the text on the keys.

Battery Rundown Test

After fully recharging the laptop, we set up the machine in power-save mode (as opposed to balanced or high-performance mode) exactly where readily available and make several other battery-conserving tweaks in preparation for our unplugged video rundown test. (We also turn Wi-Fi off, placing the laptop into airplane mode.) Within this test, we loop a ADLX65YLC2A video-a locally stored 720p file with the Blender Foundation brief film Tears of Steel-with screen brightness set at 50 % and volume at one hundred percent till the system conks out.

Bottom Line

In the battle for slim laptop supremacy, Acer has the industry’s number. The Swift 7 offers a beautiful touch-screen display, a comfortable typing practical experience and over 9 hours of battery life inside a shockingly thin design that’s Dell RFJMW Battery beautiful to behold and hold. Nevertheless, for $1,699, I wish Acer had offered extra functionality oomph, as Intel’s ultra-low-power Core i7-7Y75 CPU isn’t as swift because the most recent 8th Gen Kaby Lake processors.

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