Asus Chromebook C523NA Review

ASUS has just announced the Chromebook C523NA with vibrant show and high end overall performance for just under 400 dollars. It’s a worth shot in case you want a chromebook that could do greater than just of editing document and browsing. The technique is powered by lenovo yoga 500 14ibd akku Celeron N4200 processor which has four cores CPU which presents a related performance to old generation Core I5 processor. It’s combined with 4GB RAM and 64GB EMMC which regarded as as superior adequate for the value. The biggest selling point to present is basically on the screen. It has of 15 inch show with an optional alternative for FHD resolution.

I have observed of many superior competitors contain the Acer with Chromebook 15 which generally presents the same issue in the equivalent cost. Nevertheless, ASUS is still winning at this case because it delivers far better bose 088796 hardware than its competitors can do. If you can reside with out assistance from Windows apps and handle to reside with Chrome and Android apps, this really is in all probability the most effective option to afford at the value in 2018. Let’s see how it operates for satisfying our desires and we are going to see it quickly in our report. Devoid of additional ado, let’s we jump in to the write-up.


Lightweight, slim and created of metal, the Chromebook C523NA is not your typical budget laptop. In reality, it is so convincing that I’d have already been kicked off the Value Is Proper if I had been asked to guess the laptop’s value determined by its design alone.The Chromebook C523NA’s aluminum chassis distracted me from its bland appearance. A plain silver finish extends from the lid towards the deck, a chrome Asus logo and lenovo g580 ladekabel colorful Chrome orb adorn the top with the laptop, as well as the only contrast on this machine comes from its black keyboard.There was minimal lid flex when I applied stress towards the C523NA, that is reassuring, and in some cases somewhat unusual for an aluminum laptop in this price tag variety.

I am fairly impressed on seeing the C523NA’s style since the all round appear is fantastic by getting all of aluminum finishing over its surface. The whole chassis itself is built from plastic and they cover the plastic with samsung s27a550h netzteil silver lining and good finishing creating it looks like aluminum unless you handle to find out it closely. In spite of for getting a massive machine, they do not forget to make it quite low profile by producing it absolutely thin and featuring decent of weight. It has of 3.two pounds of weight and measuring at 15.6 mm for the thickness. You could match in nicely into a smaller bag without having any challenge and carrying it around during your travel.

Moving into the connectivity, ASUS once once again promises a completely acceptable I/O ports by adding of USB type-C and handful of typical 3.1 ports. USB type-C is usually a lot additional practical way for moving our information in much quicker way when the bose akku 088772 typical port is fairly usable for connecting something you want with out need to have for any external adapter. There is certainly also a micro SD slot for enabling you to expand the storage for adding extra space to save your important data. The impression for each of style and connectivity are greater than I although and worth to offer a shot.

The lid features a sturdy, rigid really feel to it, and the plastic keyboard deck feels impressively solid, too. I note hardly any flex in the palm rest and underneath the keys themselves, regardless of Asus opting for plastic as an alternative to metal. The only time the keyboard deck offers a little is when I pick it up by among its front corners with exa1208eh 1 hand. The weight in the display final results in the front of the keyboard deck bending a bit. At this Chromebook’s low price tag, even so, I’m pleasantly surprised to determine any metal employed in its building.

The result can be a luxuriously roomy keyboard with no stunted keys. If something, several of the keys (both Shift keys, and the left Ctrl crucial) feel extra-long. The keys offer 1.4mm of travel and have a snappy, responsive aspect to them. The only factor missing from the bose 061384 keyboard is backlighting, an understandable but nevertheless disappointing omission on an cheap Chromebook.


This is actually the first time I see a chromebook with 15 inch display and FHD resolution at this price tag. In comparison with other Windows laptops show, then I can clearly see this panel appears a great deal much better as I can see the Samsung S27A550H LED Netzteil pictures are sharper and also the brightness is much superior. By possessing of FHD resolution in massive screen, it suggests ought to make the little text visibility is greater. Previously, sometimes I really need to zoom the text as a way to see the text, but now the point is just not required anymore here. The bezel surrounded the display is slim at only 6 mm and featuring 80 % screen to physique ratio.

In term of audio top quality, they integrated of dual speakers that can create of high quality sounds, but under no circumstances put your expectation is quite high simply because they sound quite common. The bass and power are mediocre and the speakers will sound distorted as quickly as you place the bose akku 061384 volume up to 70%. I never know if ASUS adds of Accurate Harmony Sounds which becoming their software enhancement discovered in Windows laptops, but I by no means see the application will assist increase the all round sounds high quality.

Synthetic benchmarks offer comparison points for devices, but only a human can judge their actual usability. To anxiety test the C523’s real-world overall performance, I launched a series of apps like Spotify, Gmail app, Webtoon, Reddit Sync, Trello, Feedly, and hp adp 90wh d Google Chrome with 5 tabs (Google Maps, Google Docs, YouTube, Google Photos, and Google Drive) open.At the starting in the test, the Chromebook C523 smoothly juggled all of the apps regardless of its constrictive 4GB of RAM. But as a growing number of apps appeared, so did the lagging and stuttering. They had been in particular prominent when switching in between apps as Chrome OS push inactive apps out of memory to create room for new ones, forcing the system to reload them when referred to as in the background.

Much to my surprise, the Celeron N3350 competently handled Adobe Lightroom Mobile. I applied various post editing characteristics to a 4K JPEG image without the need of concerns.The Chromebook C523’s Android app help opens up added entertainment solutions by way of gaming. It can run with nearly almost all titles within the bose akku 061385 Google Play Store so long as you stick for the significantly less demanding ones. Significant scale games run like hot garbage, when lighter games like Chess and Neko Atsume run like a dream.

ASUS Chromebook C523 would be the very simple solution to enhance your productivity and have more exciting on the move – all day and everyday. This ultraportable and lightweight 15.6-inch Chromebook is powered by as much as a quad-core Intel processor, and provides you the freedom of as much as 10 hours battery life1. It’s also the original akku f¡§1r hp probook 4730s initial ASUS Chromebook to feature a NanoEdge style, which offers you a huge screen inside a compact chassis for simpler multitasking and more immersive entertainment. Preloaded with the most effective of Google, ASUS Chromebook C523 is your gateway for the immense selection of apps on the Google Play Store2 for perform or play. With its speedy overall performance, robust safety and convenient functions, it is not just excellent for students – it is excellent for any one who’s constantly on the go!

The Chromebook C523NA is showing of capabilities that what Chromebooks can do in somewhat affordable value point. The design, show, functionality, and battery life are impressive. There is absolutely no wonder why I heard a great number of fantastic reviews about this device. I definitely have absolutely nothing to complaint in addition to than its modest storage. For some factors, the MSI A6100 Akku manufactures are eager to place of EMMC instead of HDD in Chrome OS which can be a fantastic point considering that its more rapidly, but the size is comparatively smaller and will not let you set up several items unless you expand the storage via micro SD slot. That’s all I can talk about it here on this article. Really feel no cost to take any consideration and thoughts leaving some comments for further assistance relating to the write-up.

The dual speakers around the bottom of the Chromebook C523 have been loud enough to fill a spacious area, but the tunes I listened to sounded thin. When I blared John Mayer’s 2001 hit song “No Such Issue,” the strum of the acoustic guitar was sharp plus the BTY M6F MSI Akku sound in the cymbal clashes was piercing. That is a shame, simply because Mayer’s smooth vocals would have sounded crisp and clear in the event the high frequencies hadn’t ruined the presentation. As expected, Swae Lee’s verses were nicely defined in the Ray Sremmurd song “Black Beatles,” however the low end lacked weight.

I anticipate Chromebooks to final a whole school day on a charge, but the Chromebook C523NA barely makes it past lunch. The laptop powered down following just 6 hours and 30 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery Test, which involves continuous net surfing more than Wi-Fi at 150 nits. That’s a poor result, contemplating the MSI CR61 Akku typical Chromebook (9:04) and Acer Chromebook 15 (9:07) endured for just more than 9 hours, while the Dell Chromebook 5190 (9:30) stayed powered for greater than 3 hours longer than the Asus.

The C523NA’s fans did a superb job dispersing heat across the laptop’s wide aluminum frame, preventing it from ever reaching uncomfortable temperatures. Even just after we played a 15-minute HD video in full screen, the bottom of the C523NA heated to only 89 degrees Fahrenheit, nicely beneath MSI GP70 2PE Leopard Akku our 95-degree comfort threshold. The rest on the laptop was even cooler, using the touchpad reaching only 80 degrees and the center on the keyboard topping out at 88 degrees.

As you can see, on both CrXPRT and WebXPRT, the Chromebook C523 trailed the competition assembled right here. Its CPU had the disadvantage of operating at a slower frequency or possessing fewer processing threads, or both. I anticipated it to trail these competing systems on these tests, but I thought it could be on par with MSI GE60 (MS 16GA) Akku or close towards the HP Chromebook x2, whose Core m3-7Y30 is related in processing threads and clock speed to the Pentium N4200.

Before you get also disappointed in its benchmark scores, I’ll point out that the Chromebook C523 specs are enough to run the lightweight Chrome OS without having a hitch. I was able to juggle 20 open Chrome tabs devoid of lag, and MSI MS 1756 Akku HD videos played smoothly. Just know that for definitely intensive multitasking, or Chrome OS apps involving media processing, like image editing, you are additional likely to find out the benefit on the Core chips.

For a laptop keyboard, the a single around the C523 is really pretty decent. Its responsiveness makes operate slightly extra sublime, and my coworkers appreciated its silence. With that mentioned, the keyboard isn’t backlit, and if you’re coming from Pc or Mac, the Chromebook’s regular function row takes MSI MS 1758 Akku some time to adjust to.Sitting below the praise-worthy keyboard is a mess of a trackpad. The plastic surface just is not smooth sufficient to utilize. I strongly recommend an external mouse as a mandatory peripheral.

The Chromebook C523NA is showing of capabilities that what Chromebooks can do in comparatively cheap price point. The style, display, overall performance, and battery life are impressive. There is no wonder why I heard countless excellent testimonials about this device. I actually have practically nothing to complaint apart from than its compact storage. For some causes, the Sony Vaio Tap 20 Series Akku manufactures are eager to place of EMMC instead of HDD in Chrome OS which can be a superb issue due to the fact its quicker, however the size is somewhat tiny and won’t let you install quite a few issues unless you expand the storage through micro SD slot. That is certainly all I can speak about it here on this article. Really feel cost-free to take any consideration and thoughts leaving some comments for additional help with regards to the write-up.

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