Asus ROG GL552 Review


Despite a slick aluminum lid that Asus claims was inspired by an F-22 fighter plane, the ROG GL552 doesn’t appear as sleek as a number of its competitors. At 15.1 x 10.1 x one.3 inches, the system is often a little chunkier than related 15-inch gaming notebooks, including the Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition (15.four x ten.3 x 0.9 inches) and Dell’s Inspiron 15 7000 ( x 10.4 x one inches). However, weighing five.six pounds, the GL 552 sits between the lighter five.1-pound Acer along with the heavier 5.9-pound Dell.Within, Asus extra some silver patterning, Dell XPS M170 M1710 Slim Charger typical one.87mm of important travel. Asus also managed to squeeze a 10-key numpad on the suitable side in the keyboard, but given that room is at a premium, the keys around the numpad have already been shrunk to about half dimension.

On’s typing test, I hit a speedy 83 words per minute right after just several minutes spent acquiring acquainted with the keyboard. That is quite outstanding, due to the fact my usual typing pace ranges from 75 to 80 words per minute.

While it doesn’t get precisely the same backlighting remedy because the keyboard, the four.1 x 2.75-inch touchpad capabilities a related amount of responsiveness. CP500588-01 Fujitsu 65W Charger barely short from the show on the Acer’s V15 Nitro (289 nits), and carried out substantially improved than 222 nits we saw on Dell’s Inspiron 15 7000. Having a color range that spanned 116.two percent of your sRGB spectrum, the GL552 topped the V15 Nitro’s mark of 115 percent and simply surpassed the Inspiron 15 7000’s range of 70 percent.


The Asus GL552V comes having a additional sensible price tag than numerous rivals, but that does imply far more modest specifications. Gaming grunt comes in the GeForce GTX 960M, which sits inside the middle of Nvidia’s mobile range. It really is primarily based around the Samsung S22D300HY Charger many bits of application. Probably the most important would be the ROG Gaming Center, which collects system information, makes it possible for profile switching and launches other utilities.

Four profiles are put in by default-for sports, driving, technique and FPS video games. These switch in between various screen and sound modes: some make the panel vivid, though other individuals switch the audio to settings like”war room”or”battlefield??à.

The ROG GameFirst III app is often launched from inside the Gaming Center. It really is a tiny device that measures network speed and optimises site visitors for video games, media streaming or file-sharing. There’s a hyperlink for the Asus Splendid app, which can 384021-001 HP Charger action-packed moments, and its 1080p native resolution is sharp enough to serve up detailed graphics without unduly taxing the GPU.

My benchmark tests revealed that this screen underwhelms, even so. In its default mode the Delta E of 2.three is reasonable, along with the colour temperature sits at 6,858K-a little cool, but not a big problem.The brightness level of 233 nits is fine, but it really is undermined by the 0.67-nit black level. That is far too higher, and causes issues: black regions appear grey. The resultant contrast ratio of 350:1 is disastrously poor, too, and it indicates that the display has difficulty rendering subtle shades across the entire colour gamut, with colours that bleed Microsoft Surface Pro four Serie Charger around the left- and right-hand sides. Along the bottom edge the maximum drop is by 16%, but in other places the panel is 3% brighter. That’s a problem, mainly because those figures mean that the varying backlight are going to be obvious, especially in darker scenes.


Despite being the entry level, the GL552 doesn’t shy far from being able to play a number of the latest titles inside a reasonable manner. To dell inspiron 5555 charger test out its gaming chops we’ve put it through quite a few benchmarks to find out what it can handle.

In terms of 3DMark benchmarks, the new DX12 test was quite a great deal unusable around the GL552, hence reverting to some of the older, a lot more acquainted tests. Bioshock Infinite – average 70 FPS (Ultra) Tomb Raider – typical 54.9 (Higher) Dirt Rally – average 46.2 (High) Forza Apex – 30 FPS (Medium) Gears of War Ultimate – average 51 FPS (Medium) Older video games like Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider are a fairly very good experience with all the graphics turned up a little. Dirt Rally, too, which was a little bit surprising, offered that personally I’ve had some issues with it on NVIDIA cards within the past. Provided that exactly the same game is just 30FPS on consoles, anything above that is usually a win.It was the two DX12, Windows ten exclusive video games that struggled by far the most around the GL552. Forza six: Apex would asus tf101 charger not go above medium settings and it was quite locked at 30FPS ideal through with minor drops from time to time. It looks and plays OK, but it’s undoubtedly lacking that slick edge that we’re made use of to obtaining from Forza.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition faired much superior, again on medium graphics, with the benchmark mode pulling out a respectible 51 FPS. Gameplay at 60FPS is attainable, and fairly common, but the game nevertheless seems to struggle, with frame rates anywhere involving 30 and 60FPS plaguing my time testing it on this laptop.

Naturally, less intensive video games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fly along on the GL552, with frame rates over 100 virtually the whole time. But even with only a 2GB 950M GPU on board, it really is very pleasing to determine the results in additional intensive titles.It really is not just graphics that impress around the GL552, the combination of a Skylake Core i5 CPU along with a main SSD storage give us snappy performance across the board. Windows boots up in seconds, programs are speedy to load and the Core i5 is fantastic enough for most anything you’ll want macbook air 13 inch charger from it. You can see the numbers from the Cinebench CPU test and CrystalDiskMark for your storage above, when on Geekbench three it pumps out a respectible 2689 for single-core and 8323 for multi-core.

Battery Life

With a time of four hours and 43 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery Test (continuous Web surfing over Wi-Fi at 100 nits of brightness), the GL552 fell in between the endurance numbers turned in by Acer and Dell. It lasted nearly 2 full hours longer compared to the anemic 2:40 mark of Acer’s V15 Nitro, but fell brief of Dell’s Inspiron 15 7000 (six:45) by all around the exact same margin.


If you happen to be willing to go above $1,000, there’s a $1,249 version from the GL552 that bumps up storage using a 128GB SSD + 1TB hybrid and an Nvidia 960M GPU with 4GB of video RAM, rather of the 2GB you get in the base model.

Software and Warranty

The Asus ROG GL552 comes pre-loaded with Windows 10 Home and a handful of useful utilities, like Asus Live Update for keeping hp pavilion g7 charger your program current, the Splendid Utility for customizing your show, and also the Game First III app that assists prioritize network visitors to make sure you don’t lag although gaming.

Should I Buy the Asus ROG GL552VW?

The GTX 960M GPU and Full HD panel mark the Asus GL552VW like a machine designed for 1080p gaming, and I can’t argue with that. Nvidia’s hardware rattled through two on the three games at their highest settings without any problems, and it was only a few frames short of handling Crysis three at a playable frame rate.

This can be a sub-?¨o1,000 gaming machine, even so, whose important components aren’t cheap. But the budget doesn’t stretch forever, which signifies the GL552VW suffers from issues elsewhere. The memory is single-channel, the SSD is inconsistent, as well as the speakers disappoint. Ergonomically, too, there are problems-the good keyboard is hp pavilion g6 charger undermined by the trackpad. The biggest problem, however, is definitely the display: its terrible contrast impacts on every department, with insipid-looking video games that serve up indistinct dark areas as well as a lack of punch where colour should be bursting in the panel.

The CyberPower Fangbook SX6-300 is pricier, but faster in games; as well as the MSI GE72 2QD-037UK offers comparable speed with much more quality dell inspiron 1545 charger in key departments. Those rivals are each superior selections than the Asus, chiefly because of the GL552VW’s distinct lack of screen quality.

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