Asus Zenbook Pro UX501VW review

Specs, show, and ports

Though the Zenbook lacks the je ne sais quoi of your Dell and MacBook by becoming a bit rough around the edges (more on that later on), it nonetheless has the slender figure of a accurate thin-and-light. Despite the fact that, it is essentially not that light, and it really is fairly Dell XPS 13 9370 i7-8550U USB-C Charger strong.

In almost every spec, it gives the best-performing part presently obtainable, and cuts practically no corners. Operating the present is a Skylake quad-core Core i7-6700HQ CPU with Hyper-Threading, which means you get eight logical cores for apps that will use all of them. You also get 16GB of DDR4 memory, help for 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Dell XPS M170 M1710 Slim Charger in addition to a 512GB Samsung SM951 M.two SSD. The SSD is really a PCIe x4 drive that also uses the NVME protocol, so this storage is as next-gen as cash can buy these days?aespecially considering the fact that this distinct SSD model is regarded as certainly one of the quickest. Whenever we ran CrystalDiskMark just for kicks, it hit 1.6GBps in study speeds and 1.3GBps write speeds. Hot damn. The Zenbook Pro may also handle some gaming thanks to its GeForce GTX 960M mobile graphics, though you will not have the ability to game at the panel’s native resolution (3840×2160)?acompare that to Dell’s XPS 15, which also includes a GTX 960M, but paired with a a lot more closely matched 1080p show. Thoughts you, the 960M portion includes just 2GB of memory. Still, that GPU really should be very good for modern day games at 1080p on Medium settings.

Speaking from the display, it is a beautiful 4K UHD IPS panel that appears tack-sharp. In line with Asus, it covers 100 percent of the sRGB gamut, and AD883220 Asus 45W Charger74 percent with the Adobe RGB gamut. It is a glossy display, even so, so it looks very best in the dark. In daylight, it might topic you to some gnarly reflections.

As a full-sized notebook, the UX501VW capabilities a decent selection of ports that contains three USB three.0 Sort A supplying Asus’ Charger+ technologies. The enterprise says this enables the ports to charge gadgets quicker than normal USB ports. You also get a single USB Kind C port that supports Thunderbolt 3 and USB, a full-size HDMI port, and an SD/SDXC/MMC card reader.One thing that stood out (and never within a superior way) would be the label for that Thunderbolt port. Not only does the sticker look like it had been reduce by hand, CP500588-01 Fujitsu 65W Charger nevertheless it also looks obviously positioned by hand too, for the reason that it is crooked. We never expect to view this sort of sloppiness on a flagship item.


It’s been just more than 6 months due to the fact we first checked out the authentic UX501JW. When the chassis and design are still one of the very best elements on the notebook, the recently launched Dell XPS 15 2016 is even smaller, thinner (22 mm vs. 17 mm), and lighter (2.three kg vs kg) while carrying the identical Core i7 CPU, GTX 960M GPU, and 4K UHD solution. This in the end tends to make the UX501 less appealing than it had been when it HP PFC USB Type-C USB-C Charger launched if dimension and excess weight are top concerns. Still, the Asus is thinner and lighter than Lenovo’s latest 15.6-inch Ideapad Y700 as well as the Acer Aspire V15 Nitro.

Keyboard and trackpad

The reality is the keyboard on the older Zenbook NX500 required a redesign. It felt mushy and lacked company suggestions, which occasionally resulted in missed strokes.

The resolution on this newer Zenbook Professional seems to me identical for the 1 Asus use around the Asus N551 laptop, both when it comes to how it performs and when it comes to layout. And that includes benefits and drawbacks.

On 1 hand, I really feel that typing on this implementation is a a lot more pleasant knowledge, while I only applied it to get a handful of days. Samsung S22D300HY Charger The keys feel a lot more robust and improved finished, not as plasticky as just before. Around the other, this certain layout is not really good. The NumPad part is cramped, with rather narrow keys, and what is more annoyingly is the truth that the arrow keys are just as modest. On prime of that, the Energy button is integrated as the leading correct key and although it’s stiffer than the other individuals, you’ll nevertheless wind up pressing it by mistake and put the computer system to rest from time for you to time.

However, my largest grippe with all the NX500’s keyboard stays unaddressed right here: contrast. The lack of it, basically. Asus stuck with silver keys on the silver background, corroborated with white illumination LEDs, and that makes keys hard to distinguish when the backlight is active. If you are an seasoned typist and don’t require to appear at the keyboard this could not imply a lot to you, but for your common consumer it can. I am not the sole one complaining about this aspect and probably somebody at Asus ought to begin 85W MagSafe2 Charger Apple MacBook Pro 15 reading through the forums along with the testimonials and get back the BLACK keys they’ve utilised on their laptops a number of many years ago. Contrast tends to make a complete of the distinction and really should be utilised to our benefit!

Anyway, on towards the trackpad. Not much has altered right here. The glass clickable location is spacious, smooth and precise many of the time, irrespective of if it involves dealing with swipes, gestures or taps. But the expertise is still relatively lacking right here and there, for at the very least two motives. Initially, the clickpad’s software does not let any tweaking (cursor pace and sensitivity, for instance) and 2nd, bodily clicks are noisy and stiff. Possessing examined countless Asus laptops within the current years, I’m 99% confident these aren’t going to become addressed on the last retail designs. But let’s hope I’m wrong.


The UX501VW’s screen is outstanding. I’m only just turning out to be acquainted with seeing 4K screens on desktop Computer monitors, and to possess 1 384021-001 HP Charger on a 15in laptop is something else completely.

Having this many pixels crammed into this kind of a smaller region makes for any pixel density of 282ppi, and all text and vector graphics are super-sharp. I in contrast the Asus laptop side by side using a Dell laptop featuring a 13in 1,920 x one,080 display (169ppi), and also the distinction in sharpness was clear. To place this into context, the Asus screen has 60% much more pixels compared to the 15in MacBook Professional, with its two,880 x one,800 Retina show.

Windows is far improved at scaling than it made use of to be, which can be fortunate considering that here you are going to want to jack up the show scaling to 250% to create icons and text a reasonable size.

The primary difficulty with such high ppi screens is the fact that they make non-optimised applications look terrible. Text typically appears blurry andMicrosoft Surface Pro three Charger smeary and, inside the situation of LibreOffice, icons are comically blown-up and blocky. Internet browsers operate fine, nevertheless, and Windows application help for ultra-high resolutions is enhancing all the time.

The IPS show has a reflective surface, which is superior for contrast in the cost of vulnerability to reflections from overhead light sources. Our check photographs looked wonderful, with vibrant colors and a lot of detail in light and dark regions.

However, the outcomes from our colorimeter exams did not fairly live as much as Asus’ claims. The company claims the display can show 100% from the sRGB colour gamut, but our gear measured only 93%. That is nevertheless a superb outcome for a laptop, if not fairly as colour-perfect as I have noticed from the most effective desktop displays. Microsoft Surface Professional four Serie Charger Viewing angles are excellent, though, so you will not have to fiddle about together with the display tilt to prevent colour shift.


The laptop’s Core i7-6700HQ Skylake processor is among Intel’s fastest mobile chips, and this exhibits in our benchmarks.

Compared for the Core i5-6500HQ chip inside the Dell XPS 15, the Asus laptop’s processor runs 300MHz quicker, and has an additional 4 virtual cores offered by Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology; eight cores display up in Windows’ Task Manager.

When when compared with the XPS 15, the Asus laptop’s speed enhance bumped the single-core Geekbench score up from 3,187 to three,505, when the Hyper-Threading assisted to increase the multi-core Geekbench score from 9,703 for the Dell to 12,767 for the Asus laptop.

As a outcome, the UX501VW will be at property with something from video editing to CAD; the sole caveat getting that 12GB of RAM is not up there with all the 16GB I would anticipate to find out on such a high-end laptop. What’s more, all versions of the 15in MacBook Professional are supplied with 16GB of RAM.

However, Asus does go some way to make up for this with its generously-sized 512GB SSD. It really is PCI-E-based that, unlike standard SATA-based drives in laptops of yore, there are actually no bottlenecks. The AS SSD benchmark reported sequential study prices of 1,785MB/sec and writes of 265MB/sec, which are huge scores. The laptop undoubtedly Akku Dell Inspiron 17R-7720 Serie starts in an immediate and feels responsive constantly.

For reference, a PCI-E SSD of this size plus a 4K display around the Dell XPS 15 will require buy of the ?¨o1,599 model; you will need to devote ?¨o2,000 to the equivalently specified MacBook Professional.

The UX501VW has an Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M graphics chipset with 2GB of RAM. This is not Nvidia’s leading mobile graphics chipset, but it really is highly effective enough to play contemporary games-just not at the laptop panel’s enormous native resolution.

This was proved by our exams in Dirt Rally and Fallout 4. In Grime, when running at 3,840 x two,160 with Low detail and no anti-aliasing, I noticed an average of 30.5fps, dropping to a jerky 22.5fps in places-not truly enough for consistently smooth gameplay. Having said that, soon after dropping the resolution to one,920 x one,080, I saw a smooth average frame rate of 42.7fps, even with High detail and 4x anti-aliasing switched on.

It was a comparable story with Fallout four. At the screen’s native resolution I saw barely much more than 15fps at Very low detail settings, but at one,920 x 1,080 and Netzteil Acer Aspire E17 E5-721 Medium detail, the game ran at an average of 38.4fps and never ever dropped below 30fps. Both video games nonetheless looked fantastic at these settings; the only genuine downside was slightly versus native resolution was less sharp in-game text.

You could get a lot more potent gaming laptops for quite lots significantly less income in case you do not will need each of the other bells and whistles that Asus contains on this much more work-focused machine.

The exams at showed some mild movement blur, but this did not worry me when playing games. One dilemma I did have was an Netzteil Lenovo Yoga 2 13 80DN odd diagonal shearing impact in some titles-namely Star Wars: Knights of the Previous Republic II and open-source arena shooter Warsow. No amount of fiddling with V-Sync fixed this.


The leap in the UX501JW to the UX501VW includes a CPU improve from the i7-4720HQ for the i7-6700HQ. RAM will get an improve from DDR3 to DDR4 with 8 GB nonetheless soldered onto the board plus a single SODIMM slot for growth. Our check unit is outfitted together with the maximum capability attainable at 24 GB.

The GTX 960M GPU is otherwise identical to the prior generation. If idling, the CPU and Nvidia GPU will operate at just 800 MHz and 135 MHz, respectively, to conserve energy. The integrated HD 530 GPU is offered through Optimus Netzteil Microsoft Surface RT for additional energy cost savings when the dGPU is just not necessary.

As noticed on other notebooks with all the Core i7-6700HQ, the move from a Core i7-4700HQ or i7-4720HQ brings really small for the CPU overall performance front. The lower-than-expected single-thread score of 113 factors in CineBench R15 suggests poorer Turbo Boost possible out on the UX501VW when under intense benchmark tension. In other words, the system is unable to hold its theoretical three.5 GHz highest clock rate extended sufficient to complete all CineBench exams. Customers can count on just single digit percentage boosts more than the UX501JW in this regard, which can be unsurprising as Skylake focuses far more heavily Netzteil Acer Aspire V3-772G Serie on performance-per-Watt as well as the integrated GPU as an alternative to on enhancing raw CPU energy.

Battery life

The examined model came using the bigger 96 Wh battery and Asus guarantee about six hours of each day or multimedia use. Again, I’m not going to obtain precise here because the results I got around the pre-production model may possibly not be accurate, but I can state that this unique UX501 came only a little brief of these numbers, averaging in between 4 to five hours of existence on a charge in real daily use. It only got near to 6 in Workplace mode, when editing paperwork in Google Drive, with practically practically nothing else operating at the similar time.

I do anticipate some good improvements on the subject of gaming on battery, because the 960M graphics chip coupled with Nvidia’s BatteryBoost Akku Toshiba PA3817U-1BRS technology really should spur amazing runtimes. But that is some thing else I’ll need to test on the final versions.

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