HP Envy 13 Review

HP’s Envy 13t proves that you simply do not need to break the bank to get a lightweight laptop with heavy doses of style and performance. For under $900 ($849 at publication time), this 2.9-pound ultrabook packs the lenovo thinkpad yoga s1 battery replacement/lenovo thinkpad yoga 20cd battery energy of an Intel 8th Gen Core processor, the sexiness of an all-metal chassis along with the convenience of all-day battery life. In addition, it has certainly one of the very best keyboards available on the market. Higher-priced competitors offer much more vibrant displays and in some cases longer endurance, but overall the Envy 13t is really a wonderful worth.


We see a great number of silver laptops in our lab that it can be hard to inform them apart, however the Envy 13 adds some original touches that lenovo x1 carbon 20bt battery make it stand out. The matte aluminum lid includes a smaller incline inside the back that covers the hinge, providing it clean, sleek lines. The shiny HP logo within the middle from the lid truly pops while the tapered shape on the chassis makes the whole system appear slim and attractive. A smooth bottom surface is produced from magnesium alloy.

Opening the lid reveals an appealing aluminum deck, absolutely with silver keys that match the lenovo yoga 900 13isk2 battery/yoga 900 13isk battery aesthetic (MacBooks break the colour scheme by using brown keys). The side bezels about the 13.3-inch screen are fairly thin, but no one would mistake this display for among the nearly edgeless offerings on Dell’s XPS 13 or Lenovo’s Yoga 920. HP also delivers the Envy 13t within a “Silk Gold” color.

At 12 x eight.5 x 0.55 inches, the Envy is slim sufficient to match into a narrow pocket in your bag and compact enough to match on even the surface pro 4 charger/microsoft surface pro 4 charger narrowest seat-back tray whilst its 2.93-pound weight makes it quite straightforward to take with you. The Dell XPS 13 and Microsoft Surface Laptop are each just a little bit — less than 0.two pounds — lighter, the MacBook Air is regarding the same weight and also the pricier HP Spectre 13 is half a pound much less.

Display quality

The HP Envy 13 comes using a Full HD (1910 x 1080) IPS displayw with dell inspiron 15 7559 charger/dell inspiron 7559 charger glossy finish, 166 ppi and 0.153 x 0.153 mm pixel pitch. The panel itself is manufactured by BOE with model quantity BOE070E. The screen is often deemed as “Retina” from at the very least 53 cm.

We’ve recorded a peak brightness 279 cd/m2 within the center on the screen and 279 cd/m2 as typical across the pa5121u 1brs/toshiba battery pa5121u 1brs surface with just 8% maximum deviation. The correlated color temperature at maximum brightness is really a bit colder than it must be – 7200K and gets closer to the optimal colour temperature when going along the grayscale – 6900K. You could see how these values modify at 140 cd/m2 (80% brightness) within the image beneath.

The maximum color deviation dE2000 in comparison to the center with the screen needs to be no a lot more than four.0 and should you are arranging to do color-sensitive function, it really should be reduced than two.0. But in this case, since the laptop is going to be employed mostly for multimedia, internet browsing and workplace perform, a deviation of two.49 inside the toshiba battery pa3817u 1brs/toshiba laptop battery pa3817u 1brs reduce left corner isn’t going to be an issue for most customers. The contrast ratio is fantastic – 960:1 before calibration and 840:1 soon after calibration.


The core specs of your HP Envy 13 are, in most respects, related to other premium portable laptops. You’ve a selection of a 7th generation Intel Core i5 or I7 CPU. HP sent us the lenovo think pad x1 carbon 20fb battery Core i7-7500U version, with 8GB RAM in addition to a 360GB SSD.

This 360GB drive is larger than that of practically all of the competition. Other keenly priced models like the lenovo x1 carbon 20bt battery/lenovo x1 carbon battery 20bs Lenovo IdeaPad 720S have 256GB drives as normal, as well as the £1200 config in the Dell XPS 13 nevertheless has a 256GB SSD.

An added 100GB of storage is a big advantage, especially as an upgrade to a 512GB SSD in no way comes low cost.

General performance is excellent for all sorts of light tasks. The HP Envy 13 is responsive, swift to wake from sleep and lenovo ideapad p400 touch battery/lenovo p400 touch battery rapidly to load apps. If you are upgrading from a laptop having a challenging drive in lieu of an SSD, you happen to be in for a treat.

It scores 3280 points in Computer Mark 10, a fantastic chunk more than the 2686 with the Core i5 IdeaPad 720S we reviewed not too long ago. In Geekbench four it scores 8499 points, nearly precisely the exact same result because the £1600 Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon X1. It makes use of the exact same CPU: no surprise.

Unless you are preparing on, for example, really serious video editing, there is practically nothing to worry about right here.

The HP Envy 13 also includes a particular extra, Nvidia GeForce MX150 discrete graphics. This is the first laptop we’ve reviewed with hp spectre x360 13 battery/hp spectre x360 13 4066nz battery this chipset, and it gets you a significant upgrade in the GeForce 940MX graphics utilised in some alternatives. And it really is a lot superior than integrated Intel graphics.

This laptop can manage some triple-A games surprisingly nicely. Alien Isolation at 720p, low visuals, runs at an typical 76.6fps. Played as intended, at 1080p using the effects turned back on, the HP Envy nevertheless manages a entirely playable 36.1fps average.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 720S, which has 940 MX graphics, only averages 26.4fps.

Turning up the heat a little bit, we attempted Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which can be lenovo yoga 3 14 battery/lenovo yoga 3 14 battery replacement a extra taxing game. At 720p resolution, Low settings, it runs at an typical 36.8fps. Again: extremely playable.

A game like this genuinely desires more energy than the MX 150 delivers to shine, even though. At 1080p, Ultra settings it slows down to a pitiful 9.5fps. Keeping the resolution at 1080p and dropping the quality down to Low, the game runs at an average 22fps.

While HP Envy 13 is not a transportable PS4 Pro, it gets closer than other sub-£1300 style laptops we’ve seen to date. As long as you happen to be willing to play around with toshiba laptop battery pa5109u 1brs/toshiba battery pa5109u 1brs graphics settings to attain playable speeds, you are able to play most games on this laptop. Some are finest run at 720p/900p in lieu of 1080p, although.

When pushing the HP Envy 13 with productivity tests, we did notice that fan speed tends to yo-yo up and down somewhat on occasion. That is likely down to it looking to hold the lenovo yoga 700 14isk charger/lenovo yoga 700 14isk battery fan rpm as low as you can when keeping heat at bay, but a fan that changes speed/pitch quite a bit is often more distracting than a slightly louder, extra consistent one.

However, it’s never ever especially loud, and is virtually silent in the course of light operate. We also didn’t hear also much fan speed leaping during gaming tests, and also the fan sound is inoffensive when maxed-out.

Battery life and sound quality

The Air 13 also has considerably worse battery life than the dell 40wh m5y1k battery/dell m5y1k battery Envy 13. The HP lasts for just over 12 hours when offered a light job, like playing a movie, which is impressive innings.

Even when you start opening up also lots of browser windows and going down a couple of YouTube wormholes, you should effortlessly get the HP Envy 13 to last to get a complete day’s computing.

Speaker top quality is fair, as well, which can be however a further win for the travellers who’ll choose to watch a movie inside a hotel room each and every now then. They are Bang & Olufsen speakers, and sit on each side on the dell inspiron 15 7559 charger/dell inspiron 7559 charger laptop’s bottom within a quad arrangement.

Max volume won’t blow out your eardrums, and MacBooks have higher-fidelity sound, but there is adequate meatiness for the tone to make listening to podcasts or a movie soundtrack enjoyable on this HP.


The presented BOE show definitely is not the top 1 we’ve noticed but it nevertheless delivers good image top quality thanks towards the wide sRGB coverage and very good contrast ratio. Unfortunately, the presence of aggressive PWM and fairly low maximum brightness, which combined with the glossy finish will obstruct normal outdoor usage, maintain us from giving it a larger score.

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