MSI GE72 7RE Review

Key specs

17.1-inch, matte, 1920 x 1080, 120Hz, non-touchscreen LCD; 2.8-3.8GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor; 16GB RAM; 1TB mechanical HDD; 120GB SSD; Nvidia 4GB GeForce GTX 1050 Ti; Blu-ray writer; 6-cell 53Wh battery; 3KG. SKU: 074AU. Full specs here.

So fundamentally the Apache Pro is exactly the identical because the GT72VR Dominator Pro that we reviewed a couple of months ago but for any smaller sized surface book 2 charger (six instead of nine-cell) battery, and less-powerful graphics chip-an Nvidia 1050 Ti rather of a 1070. This all brings down the weight from 3.85KG to 3KG as well as the cost down from a sobering USD3,400 to USD2,199. (Note: we’ve also now reviewed the MSI GE62 Apache that is just like this but 15-inches in size and with an Nvidia 1050 graphics chip as an alternative).


As seems to become the trend in modern gaming laptops, the GE72 requires its style cues from modern day sports vehicles. The angular design looks aggressive, dell xps 15 charger as though the laptop could be suitable at household tearing about the Nurburgring Ring in Germany.

The MSI gaming badge around the lid adds towards the sports automobile theme. The truth is, when closed, the whole laptop looks like it may be the hood of some unannounced European sports vehicle.

The laptop case is created of an appealing black, brushed aluminum, which does an sufficient job repelling smudges and fingerprints; so long as electronics asus s200e charger come in either black or some shade of metallic grey, even though, smudges and stains come component and parcel together with the encounter.

However, the plastic trackpad feels off, specifically taken using the rest with the laptop. The plastic is made to mimic the appear from the brushed aluminum, however it includes a inexpensive feel to it. The SteelSeries, chiclet-style keyboard looks and feels surface three charger great. Due to the fact it’s a 17-inch laptop, the full-sized keyboard has lots of room to breathe, and my fingers in no way trip more than the keys as I sort or play games.

An benefit of the computer’s significant size is definitely the ample space for my palms to rest while typing, which tends to make applying the keyboard super comfortable. The keys really feel responsive, and have just the ideal quantity of travel and spacing. For an individual with large hands like me, the GE72 is often a real pleasure to make use of.

The keyboard is also backlit, a feature no respectable gamer will be with out, and the incorporated SteelSeries software opens up endless dell xps 13 usb c charger possibilities for customizing colors and displays.

I lost more time than I care to admit altering the keyboard backlight configuration, adjusting sliders and experimenting with colors and fades till I got a thing I liked-only to adjust it once more 30 minutes later, simply because I could.

As far as cooling, the MSI GE72 does a fantastic job of managing heat, even although below load. I play a whole lot of Fallout 4 using the laptop resting dell xps 13 charger on my lap, and it by no means becomes so warm that I be concerned it really is on the cusp of a shut-down.

There’s an choice to turn the fans on manually to help push heat away in the sensitive electronics. Nevertheless, the only time I’ve turned it on was when I was playing about with it, not simply because it required the cooling boost.

A 17-inch computer system signifies there is plenty of area for all of the ports you’d anticipate to seek out on a desktop gaming rig. The GE72 has an SD reader, two microsoft surface pro 4 charger USB three.0 ports along with a single USB 2.0 port, headphone and mic combo jack, HDMI, mini DisplayPort, and in some cases a USB-C.

But perhaps by far the most fantastic (and increasingly uncommon) for a gamer is an honest-to-goodness ethernet port.


Changes are difficult to locate around the outside. The chassis did not change at all; count on for the stickers. Thus, we omit evaluating chassis, connectivity, bose soundlink three charger and input devices and focus around the upgrades under the hood. Info concerning the missing elements is usually located inside the not too long ago reviewed GE72VR 6RF predecessor.

you shouldn’t count on also significantly from the card reader as well as the Wi-Fi module. Even though the very first only runs at USB 2.0 speed, the Intel Wireless-AC 3168 partly performs significantly worse than the Wireless-AC 7265 (HP Omen 17) and also the Killer macbook pro a1502 charger Wireless-n/a/ac 1535 (Aorus X7 v6). This is not surprising given that the AC 3168 only achieves a maximum of 433 Mbit/s as outlined by Intel’s homepage.


In the realm of application, we had to struggle with quite a few troubles (see also the GT73VR 7RF review, which was completed in the same time). Even with the Shift mode on the Dragon Center set to Energy Selections (controls the clock rates in line with the Windows power plan and not via MSI tool), the CPU usually got stuck at its multi core level of Chargeur Microsoft Surface Pro 6 3.4 GHz and never ever reached its maximum single core turbo (three.eight GHz). At the very least the Core i7-7700HQ clocks completely down inside the ECO and Energy Saver modes for our idle measurements.

What is far more vital is the fact that the CPU tended to throttling in various 3D applications. Nevertheless, we cannot tell the latter for certain, because the benchmark USB-C Chargeur HP EliteBook x360 benefits are normal as well as the pressure test with all the Furmark and Prime95 tools ran with out throttling. It ought to be attainable to repair each bugs having a new BIOS or EC and/or an update on the Dragon Center (no less than this was probable in the past).


The made use of Full HD panel N173HHE-G32 is totally great for gamers. 120 Hz ensure for any immensely smooth and pleasant image offered that the frame Asus ADP-150NB ADP-150NB D price is higher sufficient. Due to higher contrast (about 1.050:1) and decent black value (0.24 cd/m2) dark scenes appear great.

Due to the MSI computer software True-Color, which optimizes the image through pre-set scenarios and adjusts lots of settings, the brightness is reduce than in other notebooks together with the same display. Even though an typical of 230 cd/m2 is adequate for indoor use, Asus ADP-33AW C you’ll promptly want for a higher brightness outdoors. At the least, the display surface is matte. Hence, the show does hardly reflect.


On a day-to-day basis, the GE72 works wonderfully. The initial factor I did when I set it up was download my copy of Fallout 4 to it and continue my cloud save. Once you very first install Fallout 4 on Pc, it analyzes your rig and sets the graphics accordingly. Asus AD890026 There’s a brief five or so seconds of waiting to find out exactly where Fallout 4 desires to set itself, and I was a little bit disappointed when it decided to run the game on “Low”.

However, the GeForce experience computer software that comes with Nvidia’s cards was just a little additional optimistic regarding the hardware, and turned up lots of on the settings the game itself had decided have been as well substantially. I was perfectly content wandering the Lenovo ADP-45DW C ADP-45DW BA wastelands making use of this laptop, even though it could not hit Ultra, like my private desktop.

Streaming movies look sharp and vibrant around the large screen, but one of the nicest and most surprising functions I located when working with the GE72 is its sound quality. This really is easily the best-sounding laptop I’ve tested. The Dynaudio speakers produce a surprising richness of sound, no matter whether I am in-game, watching a film or listening to music.

It’s not most ideal sounding system-I won’t be trading out my stereo, but something beneath 90% volume sounds specifically how I want it to. At full volume, it sounds undistorted however it nevertheless appears like it is stretching itself a little outdoors the peak performance Akku Dell Inspiron 17R-7720 Serie curve. Nevertheless, the audio high-quality was surprising and welcome. Even though the computer system has no trouble playing games for hours, I do possess a actual dilemma maintaining it on my lap. It is so bulky, immediately after a when I cannot obtain any comfy strategy to preserve it resting on my lap even though I play. Due to the fact I am employing an Xbox 1 controller (gasp!), I am able to put the machine on my coffee table and nevertheless play, but for basic surfing, it really is a laptop in name only.

The only true efficiency challenge I encountered using the GE72 was its 128GB SSD. In between the incorporated application along with a fully-updated Windows ten, the SSD fills up quick.

I never know for sure no matter whether games like Fallout four are enhanced by living on an SSD, but I did ultimately uninstall it for the reason that the machine kept hitting Netzteil Acer Aspire E17 E5-721 me with pop-ups to inform me I was near-capacity. For programs like Lightroom or Photoshop, which see a huge functionality increase when installed on an SSD, the lack of space is a bummer you could wish to upgrade pronto.

Battery Life

The graphics switch of the GE72 7RE, can only make up for the modest battery capacity of 51 Wh to some extent. 3:04 hours of internet surfing through Netzteil Lenovo Yoga two 13 80DN Wi-Fi and three:15 hours HD video playback at medium brightness usually are not considerably for customers that are fond of travelling. Those that are frequently on the move should really therefore rather acquire the HP Omen 17 (95 Wh) or the Asus GL702VM (76 Wh).


We’ve been impressed with MSI’s gaming laptops as they’ve represented impressive energy and excellent worth. For a lot of this Apache Pro will be Netzteil Microsoft Surface RT underpowered as a transportable gaming machine, but for other individuals it will likely be exactly what they’ve been searching for: strong adequate to play competitive (older) games definitely really nicely but without the need of the overkill of paying for power that won’t be utilized.

It’s not low-cost, but if you would like a game-focused beast that’s for competitive-oriented gaming as opposed to the visually-stunning most recent games, this can be a decent Netzteil Acer Aspire V3-772G Serie obtain. The 1.2KG weight drop is a boon also.

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