Asus G550JK Review

The Asus G550JK is not as beefy hunting as a few of its steady mates within the Republic of Players range,which makes it a more sensible option if you are a gamer searching for some thing much easier to hold from right here to there.The unit features a fifteen.6in type element,and even though it does not have space for dual-GPUs and RAID 0 arrays,it does nevertheless possess plenty of grunt for operating most games at an sufficient degree.We prefer to consider this notebook as a little of an all-rounder,even though,mainly because it could also be considered by anybody who just desires a highly effective cellular personal computer asus gl702vs charger for function and perform.The Asus ROG G550JK may very well be compact,trim and transportable,nevertheless it packs a major punch.And in some cases when running at optimum speed,G550JK keeps its awesome due to the intelligent dual-fan cooling program,which uses two unbiased followers and copper heat-sinks to amazing the CPU and GPU perfectly when necessary.Visible satisfaction is confident from the Asus G550JK’s beautifully-detailed 15.6-inch Full High definition IPS LED-backlit display,with its broad 178-degree viewing angles and anti-glare coating for comfort and ease through extended gaming classes.ASUS Color Gamut Management and automatic Color Administration assure a gorgeous visual encounter constantly,with correct,deep,wealthy and lifelike colors.ASUS SonicMaster Premium,incorporating ICEpower,Bang & Olufsen technology,gives the Asus G550JK incredibly potent high-fidelity audio with unrivalled clarity,and the external SonicMaster subwoofer pumps out massive bass for truly immersive gaming.ROG AudioWizard software makes light work of controlling audio settings for any environment,with five presets for different game genres.The sleek and muscular low-profile aluminum lines of Asus ROG G550JK are enhanced through the signature ROG color scheme of matte black with fine red diamond-cut detailing.The subtle illuminated ROG logo within the lid adds a touch of exclusivity and tends to make certain opponents know exactly what they’re up against.Just as interesting is the red backlight within the seamless one-piece chiclet keyboard,making it easy within the eyes samsung np355e5c charger when gaming in darkened environments.Measuring just 27 mm at the thickest point,G550JK can go anywhere,and win everywhere.


It may well be cheaper than the competition,but the G550JK still looks like a high-class gaming notebook because of the attractive black-and-red theme.Glimpses of crimson stand out among the black brushed aluminium,with a bevelled edge around the base,red letters hp envy dv6 adapter within the keyboard and glowing power buttons and logos.Decent dimensions compliment the slick design: a 2.6kg weight and 28mm thickness.Those figures undercut bulky gaming notebooks,but they look almost ordinary when stacked up against the recent influx of svelter systems.The Gigabyte Aorus X7 v2 is four millimetres thinner than the Asus and weighs almost half a kilo a lot more although the MSI GS60 2PE Ghost Pro weighs 1.96kg and is just under 20mm thin.Both of those systems suffered with inconsistent sager np9877 charger build top quality,but that’s not a criticism we can degree at the G550JK.There’s minor give across the wrist-rest and the base,and the 6mm-thin screen is sturdy: it flexes back and forward,like any 15.6in panel,but there’s no excessive movement or desktop distortion.We’d nevertheless use a sleeve or case with this machine,but it’s much more able to withstand life about the road than its two flimsier rivals.As with many slimmer machines,interior access suffers.The components are only accessible by removing tiny Torx screws,and there aren’t any spare ports or bays – the only way to upgrade is to remove components.The Gigabyte’s interior was just as tricky to access,but at least it had spare memory battery 404600 sockets.Connectivity is conventional.About the outside there are three USB 3.0 ports,HDMI and mini-DisplayPort outputs and a single audio jack,and about the inside there’s dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet.The Gigabyte,once again,proved better – it had five USB connectors and support for Nvidia Surround.The Asus includes a Scrabble-tile keyboard,just like its competitors,and top quality is higher.The keys are light and we’ve used some that have extra travel,but the slight lack of feedback battery dell xps 11 isn’t a large problem with the firm base – we were quickly able to hammer away throughout intensive gaming classes.The excellent typing expertise matches the MSI and improves on the Gigabyte,but it’s got minor issues.The keys about the numberpad are narrower than those around the rest on the keyboard,and the cursor keys are narrow and not set apart from the rest on the keys,which can make them tricky to hit.There aren’t any dedicated macro keys,either – a feature offered by the Gigabyte.The G550JK’s trackpad is wide and feels smooth and responsive – it’s 1 from the best units 860066 001 we’ve used.The buttons at the bottom in the pad feel just as good for that most part,despite the fact that they need to be depressed further in each corner to register clicks.It’s a minor annoyance that you’ll notice if fingers stray through gameplay.


Following the latest trend,Asus will not integrate a viewing angle dependent TN screen,but a considerably superior IPS model.1920×1080 pixels are standard within the 15-inch category,and enable using multiple,simultaneously opened windows.Compared with the LG Philips LP156WF-4-SPB1 screen in Schenker’s M504,the Samsung 156HL01-02 is somewhat brighter but also features a slightly lower contrast,even though 763:1 rather than 930:1 is still good.While the illumination specified on paper is just not overwhelming,the screen looks homogeneous.We did not ascertain screen charger inspiron 15 7573 bleeding in our review sample.Like within the G750JM and G750JZ,Asus installs its own colour profile that is appealing within the CalMAN test.In addition towards the grayscale,both the color saturation and colour accuracy are higher than in Schenker’s M504 or Gigabyte P35W v2,which also sports an LG Philips LP156WF4.Another advantage of Samsung’s 156HL01-02 becomes evident within the color space.The differences are not extreme subjectively; both screens provide a multimedia-suitable image.The biggest plus point on the IPS technology is its higher viewing angle stability.Unlike TN screens,no important deviations dell xps 15 charger occur vertically.The image only distorts in side views from above or below.The 15-inch notebook also does a good job outdoors.The combination of higher brightness and matte finish ensure carefree outdoor use; only direct sunlight causes visibility problems.


The lower price of this machine means it’s not able to match the MSI or Gigabyte systems for gaming performance.Instead of toting a GTX 870M core or a rapid-fire SLI arrangement,the Asus relies on a mid-range Nvidia GeForce GTX 850M chipset that’s got fewer than half as many stream processors toshiba a000170200 battery as its rivals.1 saving grace is a bit of overclocking: Asus has tweaked the core clock from 936MHz to 991MHz.The Asus system dell 09rn2c charger can’t play a few of our test games at their greatest graphics levels.In Bioshock Infinite the G550JK averaged a playable 30fps,but in Battlefield 4 and Crysis 3 those scores slipped to 19fps and 18fps.We only hit playable framerates by toning down the settings.Battlefield 4’s average of 28fps at Higher settings is almost playable,but we had to dial back to Medium to hit a smooth 51fps.In Crysis 3,we also had to use Medium settings – but here the average only improved to 32fps. It’s a world apart from your MSI and Gigabyte systems,both of which handled our test titles with no compromises dell dpj89 charger on quality.Theoretical tests highlight the performance gulf.In 3D Mark’s Ice Storm test the G550JK’s score of 100,482 was 9,000 points behind the MSI and 30,000 points short in the Gigabyte,and the Asus then scored 2,863 within the high-end Fire Strike benchmark – half as a lot as its rivals.The Asus includes a 2.4GHz Core i7-4700HQ processor.It’s similar hardware for the chips within the G550JK’s rivals,and the Asus scored an excellent 12,312 points in Geekbench.That result lies between the slower MSI and faster Gigabyte,and it indicates that this technique has enough power to handle all kinds of demanding software.A generous 16GB of RAM helps the processor along.Both of your G550JK’s rivals have SSDs in RAID arrangements,and both are faster.The Asus’ boot time of 27s didn’t impress,either; SSD-based machines load twice as fast.There’s only space for a four-cell battery charger m9689b a in this system,and that means poor battery life.In our standard test,the Asus lasted for just over three hours – only a number of minutes much more than the MSI managed,and around half an hour a lot more than the Gigabyte.

That inauspicious result was followed up by an hour-long lifespan in our high-end gaming test,which tends to make full use of the graphics card.That’s the same lifespan as the MSI,and slightly less than the Gigabyte.You’ll need to plug in.Don’t expect considerably gaming after a thirty-minute emergency charge,either.Hardly any manufacturer puts so considerably effort lenovo yoga 370 charger within the sound technique as Asus does.The GL550JK has four speakers that are,nevertheless,located inside the laptop’s front area.We would call the sound good despite the doubtful positioning although.Even without the external subwoofer,which needs a bit of getting used to inside the beginning and could have used somewhat much more accuracy,the bass outclasses most contenders.The higher greatest volume is also impressive.Music,video games,and videos might be turned up pleasantly.However,the GL550JK’s sound program will not be truly exciting.The notebook would need additional capacity for bigger speakers for that.Nevertheless,the sound good quality is ample for within the go without headphones.Besides Gigabyte’s P34G v2 and P35W v2,both Schenker’s M504 and XMG A504 have a poorer sound.The Asus trades blows with the competition when it comes to slim,light design,and the additional modest components within this technique helped it perform nicely in thermal tests too.Those figures are high,but both rival systems recorded higher levels in a few tests – and the Asus improved within the competition by staying amazing over the outside.We’d use this machine on our laps without fear of burns.The G550JK kept the noise down.Although there’s a low rumble when this machine runs intensive video games,it’s not as loud as the noise churned out from the MSI and Gigabyte notebooks.


While it’s a program designed for avid gamers and enthusiasts,the G550JK should appeal to just about any person who wants a powerful notebook,many thanks mostly to a design that’s classy and functional,and also quite light considering all the built-in characteristics.We love the feel of your keyboard and the red ambience of its backlight,the screen is of good quality,and,of course,there is a lot of power within for playing many in the latest video games,or for being productive.The SSD offering is a paltry one,even though,with 256GB being the optimum that we saw on the supplied spec sheet,and we assume that larger capacities should be options,especially since the device isn’t all that easy to get into and upgrade yourself .Users who do not mind the somewhat inflexible touchpad,and do not need lengthy battery runtimes can certainly take a closer look at Asus’ GL550JK.Even though Nvidia’s GPU suffers greatly under the DDR3 VRAM,Asus has done a more than decent job.We would mention the stylish and pleasantly trim casing right here.2.3 kilograms samsung s27a550h charger points extra to an office laptop and not a gaming machine.The numerous ultrabook elements are also unusual from a gamer’s point of view.Until now,there were couple of 15-inch laptops that fit in this line.The GL550JK outperforms the IPS contender Schenker M504 in most tests.In addition towards the keyboard backlight,the good sound is also a purchase argument.That and the high-contrast screen create a terrific multimedia backdrop.The restrained enthusiast compensates to the relatively higher temperatures,and the GL550JK will not turn into a noisy troublemaker even under higher load.Whether a surcharge of 300 Euros in contrast for the cheaper model is justified,is anything every person will have to decide for themselves.In any case,Windows routine is a great deal much more fun with a solid-state drive.The competition will have a hard time should Asus install a better battery and GDDR5 VRAM in the successor.